Simon Bennett

Web Developer

Web Development Simon Bennett

Web development is the art of converting ideas and business practises into internet accessible software.

I am a software engineer based in Norfolk Uk. I specialise in helping teams convert complex business logic and practises into easy to maintain code.

I am a strong advocate of event sourcing and CQRS with experience running large scale production systems which turn over millions.

Current Projects

Auto Deploy

Continue software deployment service, with async support for faster deployment times.

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Smooth Php

Smooth PHP, provides frameworks and packages for implementing CQRS and Event Sourcing in PHP.

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Recent Blog Articles
PHP EOL Schedule

PHP 5.5 EOL 10th July 2016

Just a friendly reminder that PHP5.5 will stop receiving security support after the 10 July (17 Days at the time of writing). It is advisable to upgrade to PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0. I would recommend you jump directly to 7.0 but it should be noted the support for PHP 5.6 has been extended to provide […]

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PHP 7.1 Alpha is out, whats new and how to test

PHP 7.1 is out with some bug fixes and new features. The most notable changes are Nullable Types Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment Allow specifying keys in list() Generalize support of negative string offsets Void Return Type Class constant visibility modifiers Multi catch   You may want to test your code against 7.1 […]

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php-fig logo

PHP-FIG Imploding Drama Explained

Update 13th May @MarcJSchmidt has created a new PHP Community Driven Standards ‘concept’ for creating new community standards. Looks like a interesting idea.  12hours later: 160+ stars, 5 RFCs, discussion going own, own logo: PHP-CDS is a thing. Awesome, spread the word! 🙂 — Marc J. Schmidt (@MarcJSchmidt) May 12, 2016 Original As I returned […]

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