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Home File Server

I have being uses my own home made file server for a year now and it is working great and has never failed on me.
I decided to use it when I got myself a laptop. Having to have duplicate files on both machines seems to me to be a great waste. I decided that I would treat myself to some SSD’s to increase my computers speed. But enough of the other computers I can post about them another time.

I thought I would just talk about the hardware a little.

The Case : For the Case I always buy the cheapest one I can find of the market. I don’t need anything spescale and size is not really a problem so a standard computer case is lovely.

Processor: I could not tell you the model number but it is a  Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz.

To find your cpu speed in Ubuntu/Linux type

"cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i Ghz"

Ram: The Computer has 4gb of DDR2 Ram and has never ran out of gone over in to swap

Hard Drives: The computer has three 2TB hard drives set up in Raid 5. I was lucky and managed to get them last year at £49.99 each. Compared to what ever ridiculous price they are now. (Western Digital WD20EARS 2TB Hard Drive SATAII 64MB Cache)

Gigabyte GA-G31m-S2L. I don’t really remember buying this motherboard it was found in the attic. Its great as its has all the sata points I need. Not much more to say other than I doubt you will be able to buy one anymore.

News year eve I found myself talking to a local web designer from Norwich, were I went on to describe the course I am studying at Swansea Met ( Web Development ). Two days later ( news years day in bed) I decided to try and increase my online presence (and hopefully generate myself some work).

At the moment the site is just build on the Twitter bootstrap framework which is a great way to get websites designed and online really fast. I will be the first to admit building myself off it is extremely lazy as I am advertising web design. But in the interests on getting online fast it was the best route to go down.

After building the website and it being online for 1 week, I decided that blogging is going to improve my website so this is where this comes from. I plan to post some articles  on C#, PHP , Ubuntu Servers and many more.

And lets both see if I can keep this blog alive for more than 1 month. I will review this question on 18th of February.