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From Broadway to SmoothPHP

Posted: December 2, 2015

I have been using/playing with event sourcing in PHP for about 9 months now. I have one site in production and two in development this is what I have learnt and what I am doing now.

When I first started with learning ES I created the setup myself, no packages and no real connection to an event store. Which was good for getting my head around the issue of event sourcing and really Domain Driven Design. From there I imported the Broadway Library. Which was great it took a heck of glue to get it to work with laravel for me. I also used the for storing events.

Once I had learnt to delete projections and rebuild them from events I was laughing and the real power of ES came out. Its the number one feature for me no migrations!

I then swapped out geteventstore for a mysql version. The eventstore was another thing to manage and build and I had issues with it crashing. MySQL was perfect and I am still using that to sure my events.

But the last most was to write my own Event sourcing library. I have nothing against the broad way package, but it took alot of glue to get it to work and I did not want to keep doing that, So I spend the time and wrote SmoothPHP/CQRS-ES-Framework and a laravel driver for it. You can very easily spin up new applications with ES and get going.

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