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PHP-FIG Imploding Drama Explained

Posted: May 12, 2016

Update 13th May

@MarcJSchmidt has created a new PHP Community Driven Standards ‘concept’ for creating new community standards. Looks like a interesting idea. 


As I returned to my computer this morning I noticed there had been a lot of twitter chatter about PHP-FIG imploding and I decided to research what was really going on.

First things first 4 projects have left PHP-FIG


We have discussed this for a very long time now internally and decided that Doctrine wants to drop out of the FIG. There are several reasons for this, one primarily is the lack of time we have to take part in the discussions and our lack of participation therefore in all of the standards that came after PSR-0 and also that we did not feel any of the PSRs after PSR-4 is worth implementing and standardizing on from our POV.

This is not to talk down the work that has been done here by participants isn’t valuable, we just feel our desire for standardization is mostly reached and everything on top is better solved by competition for the best solutions.

@Guilherme Blanco – May 11th!topic/php-fig/3PGhfQGoCj8


Jeremy, Michael, and I have discussed this for a while, and we feel that Guzzle no longer benefits from membership in the FIG. The existing PSRs have standardized what we need for interoperability, and Guzzle isn’t a framework.

We will continue to participate in discussions as time and interest permit, but we will do so as PHP citizens rather than as project representatives.
@jreskew – May 11th!topic/php-fig/mnqZ5ztS-pM


We decided to leave PHP-FIG due to various reasons, mainly because we don’t have the time to participate in all those PSRs and debates. Personally, I’m also against some new stuff/PSRs that came up in the last months, so I actually can’t support nor justify PHP FIG anymore.

@Marc J. Schmidt – May 11th!topic/php-fig/HgjJJXhDYsc


With a few of the other recent resignations (particularly Doctrine’s), Laravel will bow out as well. I must admit I very rarely ever read the e-mails and simply don’t have time to participate in any meaningful way.

@Taylor Otwell – May 11th!topic/php-fig/HWX2IeiRx9Y

I don’t wish to go place any blame or point any fingers at PHP-FIG as they have been doing a fantastic job PSR-1/2 Autoloading and logging. However people in the community feel some members are only members to vote and be listed on the website and most do not participate.

PSR7 unlike its previous PSR’s was a large and complex concept. Trying to standardise a large segment of an application (with the goal of making it better). This may be playing a factor in people decision to step down as the direction of FIG has changed.

The other issue which I think is obvious when you try and see what PHP-FIG is up to is the signal to noise ratio. Who can shout the loudest about the latest FIG. No real community input why should a small group of people decide for the rest. Don’t get me wrong I feel PHP-FIG has been a massive contributor to ‘modern’ PHP. However I feel they need to go back to there small PSR’s and not large segments of the system. Look at symfony HTTP request its used by a lot of developers and libraries/frameworks because it is good, not because it was voted that it was good.

I personally do not blame a project for leaving, PHP-FIG is just not the same. You’ve changed man. Does this mean FIG is going to implode, maybe maybe not depends how they go from here. Do the other projects bail, does FIG to back to the way it used to be. Does someone build a group were every php developer can vote?

If you wish to read more about the state of FIG read there google group discussion.

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