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Github Pricing update, lines up with customer success

Posted: May 11, 2016

Incase you missed it Github announced its changed its pricing modal to per user instead of per project. This is a massive shift in pricing modal. Brining it inline with Bitbucket.

Their pricing is very simple to understand now. If you had a small organization on the basic plan (under 5 users) you will be paying the same, expect you can now have unlimited private repositories. Github Pricing

This is a powerful move from the git hosting giant which I believe will help migrate people from bitbucket which has always based on a per user pricing modal. The per user modal works with customer success  as a business who can afford to pay salaries can afford to pay $9 per user. The number of git repos you have was never a good marker of success for example Google only has one repo.

I don’t see it happening but I would love to see Github publish the number of conversions they now see.


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